Our Story

The short version...

At Abundance we care about your health and the health of our planet. 

Help us in our fight against waste. We believe our health and our planet are worth it.

By buying what you need and cutting down on waste we are making a difference to our environment. By sourcing produce grown locally, and as close to natural as possible our bodies will love us.  By working together to embrace conscious consumption we create community.

We believe in real foods.  Food that comes out of the ground, off a tree or from an animal is always the most nutrient dense source of nutrition.

That's why our aisles are overflowing with a wide range of wholefoods, healthy treats, organic goodies, sustainable household items and low-tox beauty products. 

Sourced locally where possible, organic where not and always as close to natural as available.

To reduce our footprint and remain sustainable, we operate solely from our online store.

We post Australia Wide. We offer FREE Local Delivery. 

We offer convenience, sustainably.

We sincerely hope our products inspire you to take care of your health, to make conscious decisions to care for our planet and make time for those you love.

The long version

How it all began...

written by Amee // Owner + Founder

It all started with our childhoods.

I was raised in Perth, in a home by a Mum who was very health conscious and who would always cook from scratch the most nutrient dense foods. I grew up with veggie gardens and compost bins. Boy did I hate taking out the scraps! Now my kids complain about it too, but oh the lessons I learnt and the lessons my kids are learning, without even realising it!

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a love of natural products and holistic health & wellbeing. I’ve always tried to be as low-tox as possible in all areas of my life, but since having my children, I’ve been so much more conscious of what we put INTO our bodies as well as ON our bodies.  I am also hyper-aware of the impact our choices make on our beautiful planet, I want to do my bit in preserving it for our children. Having 3 children of my own and working as an Education Assistant has really opened up my eyes to the value of good nutrition and the impact it has on our brains, not only from an academic point of view but also for emotional well-being. 

My husband, and business partner, was raised on a large cattle farm in the South West of Western Australia. What a childhood he had, riding motorbikes, being a rousey for the shearers and running through bull paddocks to collect the eggs from the chickens who just happened to have their coop in the bull pen! 

When we are kids, we don't quite realise how we are being shaped by our experiences. When we become adults, we look back on those experiences and reflect on all they have taught us.

Fast forward to today. 

We have always had a passion for health + wellbeing. For cooking healthy + nutritious foods for our family. For supporting local farmers + businesses, because being in agriculture + small business can be a really tough gig. To help support our community and local supply chains. To be sustainable. To lower our footprint and show by our actions that we care about our planet and our fellow human beings. 

Sourcing organic and healthy food in one place that was affordable was a pain point for me. I have found that bulk food stores, whilst being minimalistic and in the zero waste category, were not always sustainable or transparent about where and how their foods were sourced. I wanted organics, or as close to as possible, I wanted to know where it came from and I wanted to know if the farmers were treating our planet with respect. On top of that, I didn’t want my foods packed in single use plastic. 


Abundance was born.

Abundance was born when I found myself hunting for organic wholefoods and sustainable home items and not being able to find what I was after all in the one place. So, I thought, why not create it!

Our planet produces an abundance of nutritious foods, we are here to source it for you, so you know you are getting the best wholefoods around.

I have a saying that ‘we can’t control what happens outside of our homes but we can make conscious choices within our homes’. When it comes to our health, it’s on us to respect our bodies by nourishing it with clean and healthy foods. When it come up our planet it’s up to all of us to make simple changes and sustainable choices. We are here to bridge the gap. We provide you with the tools, and we tread the path with you!

What started out as a dream of running our own shop, soon led us to searching around for a suitable location. All of that changed very abruptly when Covid hit. We were forced to rethink our business model. To rethink how we can operate a retail business without a shop front. At a time of uncertainty and when lots of other businesses were having to pivot too.

This got us thinking 'what if we could run a retail business, more sustainably?'.

When we were thinking about sustainability here, we were thinking in terms of our work/life balance as well as our environmental footprint. If we could make this an online business, operating remotely, that would mean we could be more present for our kids, but also by not having a physical shop front and overheads, we can offer our customers a better price point. This would also cut down on our travel to and from work, as well as using less electricity and in-turn reducing our environmental footprint. This also would free up more time to help in our community. 

Today we are successfully doing just that. We are constantly learning, adapting, improving and most importantly enjoying the journey along the way. 

 At Abundance we care about your health and the health of our planet. 

We lovingly and carefully pack our products in the South West of Western Australia. We collaborate with growers and distributors locally to sustainably source natural and organic products. We offer a choice of packaging (you get to make this choice at checkout).

All products we stock must fit with our ethos. We source produce with exceptional flavour and minimal impact on the environment. 

We sincerely hope our products inspire you to take care of your health, to make conscious decisions to care for our planet and make time for those you love.


Amee x