Your Health + Our Environment = Our Number One Concern

Let’s talk HYGIENE.⁣

When you shop with us you can be confident that we offer the absolute highest standard of cleanliness, with or without a pandemic looming.

Here are just a few of our procedures:

✅ We always wear food handling biodegradable gloves, safe for you, safe for the environment ♻️⁣
✅We only ever use our scoops once before they go into the dishwasher. ⁣
✅ We always wear our super cool aprons and our hair tied back.⁣
✅All of our bulk food items are either stored in airtight food grade containers and/or refrigerated. ⁣

And just in case you were wondering we have all the relevant certifications for our business and for all of our food handlers. ⁣

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